Contemporary Collected exhibition, Tokyo

The WWW-book is a part of the "Contemporary Collected" exhibition in Tokyo which is open until 4th of November. CC aims to show an insight what Swedish design looks like today. The exhibition is curated by Katrin Greiling and Gustaf Kjellin for the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.
Photo: Katrin Greiling

Project Room / Swedish Museum of Architecture

Yesterday was the vernissage day of Johanna Hellgren´s exhibition "Careful Companion" at the Project Room. The Project Room is a new exhibition format at the Swedish Museum of Architecture with the aim to introduce a new, experimental program focused primarily on aspects of design and crafts, but also linked to fields like architecture and urban planning. Together with Europa we designed a simple and bold identity based on the notion of a square – the mark for a space to be filled by the activities of the Project Room

The Origin of Objects

Just finishing the quite modest, but rich in content, catalouge for the "The Origin of Objects" exhibition by Folkform at Skandium, London. The duo´s interest in the investigation of old industrial processes and craft techniques is referenced by the lovely oil-stained stencil cardboard from Svenska Marsh. which been used for the cover.

Building Blocks Berlin

A new Building Blocks exhibition have just opened, this time in Berlin. In collaboration with the Swedish embassy, Färgfabriken and Medium we invited AFF, BARarchitekten, Baupiloten, Dahm architekten, Ortner & Ortner, all great architects based in Germany and Berlin. The full-scale buildings can be experienced in the Nordic embassies exhibition space until 4th of November.

Work Work Work book

Finally the book for IASPIS is back from the printer. More info and a release date after summer.
With Medium (Lisa Olausson)

Street Smart

This summer, Kulturhuset is featuring an art exhibition with some 20 artists with roots in graffiti and street art. We designed the identity with references to generic asphalt lettering.
The exhibition seeks to add nuance to the perception of a contemporary art form that is controversial since it is often performed illegaly on public property and has political, subversive messages and strong institutional and social critique .

Open sloyd / Projektrummet

Visit Open Sloyd at Projektrummet A do-it-yourself-culture project: sloyd, handicrafts, design and activism by Otto von Busch in the new exhibition format at Arkitekturmuseet. Magnus Ericson has initiated a new experimental framework focused on architecture, design and crafts.
Thanks to Dominic Reichsteiner.

Exhibition identity

The Building Blocks project in Oslo has been a public success. The opening of Norsk Form became a instant hit. It is the busiest show in the history of Norsk Form, with around 1,500 visitors are more than a thousand more visitors than usual.


We have designed the diploma for Stockholms stadsmiljopris 2011. The letterforms are based on the shapes of Stockholm from above.
Client: Stockholms handelskammare.
Thanks to Andrejs Ljunggren

Exhibition identity

We have just finished the design of Folkform and Maxim Velcovsky’s collaborative project Industrial Intervention. Together with Velcovsky, Folkform carried out a series of material experiments in glass and porcelain in various workshops to investigate traditional Czech handicraft techniques. The completed, newly made works are on display at Färgfabriken and the Boda Glass Factory and later on at Krehky Gallery in Prague.

Norrköping Art Museum Catalogue

Marie-Lousie Ekman is a challenging and provocative figure in the Swedish art scene and this summer show Norrköping Art Museum focus on her films, plays and scripts.
We designed the catalogue as a flipbook based on her painting "Hallo Baby".

Kolla talk

This tuesday Martin Frostner will moderate a talk on graphic design in the series "From another point of view" from Kolla! The talk is hosted by Iaspis and participants are the Kolla!-jury in graphic design: Georgianna Stout (USA), Sara de Bondt (Belgien, UK) and James Goggin (USA, UK).
Time: 5.30–9.00
Place: Iaspis, Projektrummet, Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden
Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr, Stockholm

Playlist Exhibition identity

Our interactive posters seem popular! Playlist features a selection of famous works from the Moderna Museet collection of contemporary art which together form a narrative around alienation and boundaries. The visitors are encouraged to interact and create a collective playlist with songs that refers to the theme of the exhibition.

Utbildningsradion signage

A playful signage system for Utbildningsradion head office. In collaboration with White arkitekter and Illustrator James Graham