Martin Frostner Studio is a design agency based in Stockholm. The studio works across a variety of media, from books, posters, brand identities and stationery to exhibition design, signage and websites. Our clients include individuals and small businesses, as well as institutions in the corporate, educational and cultural fields.

MFS approach projects through a process of discovery and exploration, tailored to the specifics of their context, brief and client. We produce well-crafted, thoughtful and sometimes unconventional solutions to create effective and approporiate communication design.

Since we consider design to be a process of dialogue we intimately involve selected experts and consultants in every stage of the process.


Martin Frostner Studio
Brännkyrkagatan 13C
118 20 Stockholm, Sweden
P: +46 (0) 70 728 55 30
M: info@martinfrostner.se


If you are interested in doing an internship with us please email a PDF of your work and CV to info@martinfrostner.se